Venue Information


Bucksport Performing Arts Center


The Bucksport Performing Arts Center seats a theoretical maximum of 500 people, however blocks of seats are occasionally removed to make room for live sound mixing requirements for some events.



The Gracie includes a 490-seat proscenium theater, 335 in the orchestra, 165 in the balcony, a fly system with 26 counter-weighted line sets, rehearsal hall, orchestra pit, scene design and construction area, sound, recording and light booths and 3 full dressing rooms and a 50-seat Black Box Theatre. 

Gracie Theatre


center theatre


The Center Theatre is a 301 seat theatre. The sound and light booth is located in the back left corner of the house. We have a Portacom system for communication between the booth and backstage. There is a ramp up to the stage on SR and a ladder onto SL. There are stairs on the front of the stage that can be moved if needed.