Roll of Gaffers Tape - $15
For each performance an entire floor of marley must be laid on the stage.  Gaffers tape is what holds it all together!

Projection - $50
Projections make beautiful backdrops... the finishing touch for the stage crew!

Bodice - $75
These beautiful bodices come from exceptionally talented seamstresses in Moldova! They arrive plain white, then our own costume crew customizes them for each production!

Point Shoes - $90
Bangor Ballet dancers go through an average of 3 pairs of pointe shoes a season.  A ballerina can never have too many toe shoes!

UHaul - $120
The floor, props, and costumes have to get to the theater somehow!

Platter Tutu - $130
This tutu will be used in every Bangor Ballet production and you won't even notice! Much like the bodices, these plain tutus are customized for each production.

Tiara - $150
Every ballerina has the pleasure of wearing a tiara for one performance or another!

Choreographer - $500
 A ballerina is guided and inspired by her choreographer's design for the performance.

All donations will help us provide our dancers with these items. 
No amount is too big or too small!